What A Finance Company In The Caribbean's Website Should Look Like in 2023

January 24, 2023

Financial companies in the Caribbean are integral for the internal operations of every island. They generally provide services such as loans, investment management & banking for both individuals and businesses. Financial companies have the goals of gaining new customers, providing information & allowing customers to service themselves directly through the website. The vital aspects of a finance company in the Caribbean's website are as follows:

1. Mobile Responsive

According to Google, over half of the traffic generated by websites is from mobile phones. A mobile responsive website is a website that automatically scales to fit different device widths. This includes desktops, laptops, tablets & mobile phones. Having a website which is not mobile responsive would essentially be disregarding half of your customer base. A responsive website is also a vital ranking factor for Google's Algorithm.

Caribbean Financial Company Mobile Responsive Design

2. Simple & Clear Navigation

According to psychological studies, the human brain is only capable of storing 7 items at a time on average. This means that your top navigation should contain no more than 5-7 items for the best user experience. It is also vital that the layout is clean and accessible to ensure that users can quickly find and access the information they are looking for.

3. Clear Value Offering

When a new user visits a website, we have up to 15 seconds to convey the message. What is this website? What does it offer? It is vital that in the first viewport of a website that we can communicate this message as quickly and concisely as possible. In this case Ether Financial is conveying the message "Trusted Financial Services To Bring You Peace of Mind".

Ether Financial Value Offering

4. Clear Call-To-Action

Once we've conveyed the message of who we are and what it is we offer what should we expect from our user? In many cases finance companies may want you to:

  1. Open a new account
  2. Learn More about Services
  3. Apply for a Loan
  4. Contact for consultation

The call to action within the first viewport should be directly related to what the goal of the website is, and be clear as to ensure that users notice it.

Ether Financial Call to Action
The Ether Financial website has a "Learn More" call to action.

5. Social Proof

Social proof is any form of endorsement that a company provides a good service. This is essential for building trust with users as we believe that if something works well for other people, it is likely to work well for us. Examples of social proof could be:

  1. Listing logos of companies you have worked with
  2. Leaving customer satisfaction metrics
  3. Review ratings
  4. Business certifications
Social Proof Ether Financial
The Ether Financial website displays how many satisfied customers they have amassed.

6. Flagship Service Offerings

Many companies offer similar services, but what makes you stand out? A mention of your flagship offerings should be made on your landing page to ensure that your customers know what value it is you provide to them that your competitors may not. Every finance company may offer vehicular loans but what differentiates your loans from your competitors? In a case where you offer a lower interest rate or customizable repayment terms, it is important that your customers know this.

Debit Cards Ether Financial
What makes Ether Financial stand out is their debit & credit card services.


7. Self-Service Capabilities

A vital aspect of finance websites is providing customers with the ability to service themselves directly on the website. Examples of these are loan calculators, interest calculators, downloadable forms & online portals such as online banking. This allows customers to find out information they need without needing to contact you.

Mobile Banking Ether Financial
Mobile banking allows customers to take charge of their finances.

A well structured website is integral to your company's marketing and branding. Survival in the modern business ecosystem is built on taking advantage of digital technology. Having a high performance website is one of the first steps.



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