JQ Motors Ltd., PO Box 279, Choc Estate, Castries, St. Lucia, W.I.


+1 758 453 2277




JQ Motors is the leading automotive dealer in Saint lucia. We sell Audi and GWM vehicles and parts.


1. Audi

Q5 sport back for $229,000 and SUV $290,000. We have qty 2 SUV Q5 and 1 Sportback.

Q3 sport back for $162,999 and SUV $153,900. We have qty 3 SUV Q5 (2 gray, 1 black) and 2 Sportback (orange)

You can speak to our brand manager at 484 2834 via whatsapp or phone

2. GWM

Jolion HEV is $111900.00. Qty 4 in red, blue, black and white

H6 HEV is $133900.00, Qty 10 in only black

Tank 300 HEV is $173900.00, qty 12 in white, green and orange

P-Series Luxury is $139900.00. Qty 6 brown only

P-Series Offroad is $149900.00. Qty 20 in custom colors.

You can speak to our brand manager at 285 5811 via whatsapp or phone

3. Parts

The Parts department is poised to provide an option for all your automotive battery and engine oil requirements. We feature the AC Delco brand, that provides solutions for batteries, lubricants, and serviceable parts (filters and brakes) for all Japanese vehicles.

We also offer a host of genuine parts for GWM and Audi models.

We will need your chassis number and the part that you want to quote you correctly. --à transfer this information to 758 2857448 for the balance of information

4. Servicing

You can book a service with 723 2424 via call or whatsapp. Would you like me to transfer you to that number? -à transfer to the number